Seasonal Soup for Summer

Here’s a quick recipe for a simple tasty soup that I’ve been enjoying after a day of study recently.

Cooking Time : approximately 25 minutes
(2-4 portions)

350g seasonal vegetables
1 spring onion
½ tsp cumin seeds (if cabbage family is used)
½ tsp fennel seeds
1-2 cm fresh ginger
Coconut oil
salt (to taste)
chopped parsley/coriander   (optional)

1.    Cut the vegetables into chunks, peel the ginger with a spoon and chop finely.
2.    Pour enough oil into the pot to cover the bottom and sauté the cumin and fennel seeds.
3.    Then add the ginger.
4.    Add the spring onion, stir and then add the vegetables.
5.    Mix well then add 1 litre boiling water and salt to taste.
6.    Before serving sprinkle on chopped coriander or parsley (optional).


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