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  1. Consultations

    • Customised  Package – Do you suffer from digestive or weight issues, fatigue or food intolerance,  headaches or anxiety ? Learn how to adapt your diet and lifestyle to your needs to enhance your energy and health at all levels.
      The first session (during which I take a full case history) lasts 30-45 minutes. Follow-up sessions last  30 minutes. Any follow up sessions may include any of the following services:  tailored guidance for appropriate nutrition (with customised recipes – pdf format sent after consultation) & lifestyle changes, marma therapy, breathing/physical exercises,  meditation/visualisation techniques to suit your Ayurvedic constitution.
    • Skype/ phone session – do you have health issues or goals but no time to  get started? Learn how to adapt your diet and lifestyle to the needs of your constitution from your own space.
    • Private cooking class –  Do you know your constitution? Do you have specific dietary needs? Do you want to learn how to cook tasty & balanced vegetarian food ? Contact me to arrange a class to suit your dietary/ constitutional needs and time constraints.  (Can include a mini-consultation on request.
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