Do you suffer from various digestive issues
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Praise for the 5 Nutritional Keys to Vitality in your life Report

Karen FieldI was aware before [receiving the “Keys”] that I felt low in energy and I thought improving my diet would probably help. Now I know that it’s true! I found Key 2 to be particularly useful with practical tips on how to change my diet and I am now putting this into practice. Thank you!
Karen Field, Cardiff, United Kingdom

Before I received this report, I was looking for a way to transition into a more healthy diet that was leaning toward becoming a vegetarian. Now, I have some solid information that will enable me to make that transition much easier! Thank you so much!
Debbie Mahler, Algonquin, IL

Just a few lines to say a big thank you for the “Keys to Vitality” bulletins over recent weeks – they were really excellent! Apart from being so well and carefully written, they were really informative and gave me lots of useful new information and reminders. I also appreciate the holistic approach – our whole approach to food and eating, the importance of breathing correctly etc. So thank you again – you clearly put so much work and dedication into this.                                                                    
Nicholas Hennin, Geneva, Switzerland

And comments on the French version…
Ce que ce cours m’a apporté, c’est un retour rapide et facile aux protéines végétales, c’est le plaisir de cuisiner alors qu’avant, c’était une corvée pour moi, et surtout, c’est plus de dynamisme ! Je suis certaine d’avoir trouvé enfin ma voie alimentaire. Merci !
Corinne, Genève, Suisse

5 clés essentielles pour avoir une approche plus saine de la nourriture et engendrer une prise de conscience face à l’importance d’avoir une alimentation saine et équilibrée au quotidien.
Sylvie Battagliero, Fribourg, Suisse