Having tried unsuccessfully, yet again, to reform my eating habits, I decided to contact Nutrijoyti.  This turned out to be an excellent move as, without a doubt, Nutrijoyti’s approach to cultivating a healthy life-style is the most encouraging, successful, and promising that I have ever tried (I am 40 and had neglected exercise and diet for years).  Within two weeks, my health improved dramatically.  One year later, I am happy to report that I still follow the Ayurvedic principles I learned at Nutrijoyti; that my energy levels remain high; that my body and immune system are stronger than they have ever been.

Janet Gomez, the founder of Nutrijoyti, is an impressive guide and teacher.  The information she gave comprehensively explained the philosophy behind Ayurveda as well as the associated diagnostic tools and treatment.  She also has an excellent understanding of the underlying reasons why people choose to follow a poor diet — including the emotional dynamics that are sometimes involved.  This is extraordinarily helpful and illuminating.  Finally, I greatly appreciated her patience and practical approach to achieving my goals; elements that are vital when dealing with long-term health issues, including repeated failures.           Nicky L, Lausanne

“My partner and I attended one of the Nutri-Jyoti cooking courses in 2005. We thoroughly enjoyed the approach taken during the course, which involved some basic theory on Ayuvedic nutrition and cuisine combined with hands on cooking. Since then we have integrated some of these techniques into our home cooking. We especially liked the advice on which spices serve specific nutritional or medicinal purposes. Now we grind and toast our own spices and use a lot more spices than before. The course also provided some fantastic ideas on alternative sauces for salads and dips. We now make lots of different variations of the sunflower seed dip which we tested during the course. I also had a couple of personal nutritional sessions with Janet who is a qualitfied nutritionist. Based on an analysis of my body shape, physical and emotional state, and my eating patterns, Janet recommended some tailored ways of improving my nutrition. I still follow her advice one year later.”  Aurélia B, Geneva