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Fancy learning how to eat in a way
that suits and supports your lifestyle?

Do you want to manage your health issues
with TAILORED dietary choices?

Looking for a way to have more energy,
think more clearly and feel more relaxed?

phonesessionBook a 30 minute Nutri-Jyoti Diet & Lifestyle Session
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What does this mean for you?

It means that you’ll get

  • a specific plan about which foods are best for your body now
  • answers to your diet and lifestyle questions
  • simple suggestions to help you maintain good health at this time of the year
  • clear pointers where to buy particular foods
  • referrals to other practitioners if necessary

Not sure? Read what clients had to say after their phone sessions.

“…full of good ideas…”

The phone session was full of good ideas which I will be able to refer to again thanks to the recording. It was also a great opportunity to be able to ask any food-related questions that I would not necessarily have found answers to so efficiently, with local addresses for buying products, recipe ideas and suggestions for a specific diet all rolled into fifteen minutes. Very encouraging – thanks very much.

Valerie, Geneva, Switzerland

“…diet change suggestions have been great…”

Your diet change suggestions have been great. Eating something warm at lunch, not mixing proteins and cutting out fruit with breakfast seem to be helping…. Thank you again for your help.

B. G, Geneva, Switzerland

So, let’s get to the point!

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To your satisfaction,

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Ayurvedic practitioner, Nutritional consultant, Yoga instructor

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