Ready for Spring – clearing with care

Clearing with Care

We’re in the first few weeks of Spring. Are you ready ?

Join me for a day of gentle cleansing with Ayurveda & yoga techniques to maintain balance on all levels to clear with care. As we take the time to reflect and explore attitudes & practices to support the rising and clearing energy of Spring,

You’ll discover
–  healthy ayurvedic nutrition & eating principles
–  simple daily cleansing rituals

Together we’ll practise
– routines for relaxation & restoration in a busy lifestyle
–  appropriate asanas (postures/exercise), pranayama (breathing) & meditation

You’ll receive, for your individual Spring Cleaning practice,
-meal suggestions
– support items e.g. neti kit, tongue cleaner
– 1 week e-coaching support

When? Saturday 5 April  9.30 – 4pm

Where? Phosphorus 19-21 rue du Village, 1214 Vernier, Geneva

Suggested Price: 150 frs * (including organic & seasonal vegetarian lunch  and all support material)
*Anyone wishing to learn is free  to give a donation of what s/he can afford.