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Daily bread?

For many of us bread is a staple at mealtimes.
Since the start of the year I’ve been making sprouted bread and  I even found a way to continue making it so while I was away travelling.

Sprouted bread is an ancient form of bread which has many health benefits for our modern-day life. For example, it has a low glycemic index so is digested more slowly. This means that  an individual’s  blood sugar level is more stable for a longer period, thereby diminishing the desire to snack.

Sprouting is  a way to produce nutritious, fresh and delicious food. It is economical in time, space and  money (most seeds etc. double in size when you sprout them). When the sprouts germinate the grain reaches its highest level of nutrition. The seed is broken down and the wheatgerm and endosperm prepared to nourish the growing plant. Germination improves the availability of Vitamins A, B and C and protein levels significantly. It also releases the iron, potassium and calcium and provides carbohydrates, which are easier to digest  since enzymes have already broken down their starches.

Sprouts are rich in :
– antioxidants, which help to eliminate free radicals (a product of oxidation in the body) which are considered to be responsible for ageing and tissue damage
– natural plant enzymes, which are important for proper digestion and connect us directly to a very natural way of eating and to nature, even if we don’t have a garden or a balcony to grow food.

raw and sprouted breadSprouted bread is simple to make and travels really well. It’s a good idea to store it in the fridge if you don’t plan to eat it within a couple of days).
Here’s a short fun video on the way I make it.
I’d love your feedback, especially if you consider yourself intolerant to wheat, and be happy to answer questions on this topic.


Detox Time!

Water is the dominant element during the season of Winter. In Nature, it is a time for introspection, rest and even a time when it’s ok to gain a little weight – that is after all what animals do.! However, we humans want to carry on at our usual pace.

Tip 1
Nature supports a slower steadier pace during this period so it’s a good moment to  take time to rest and plan for the year ahead.

Water flows and is essential to life. Our bodies contain approximately 70% at birth. Our bodies mirror the world we live in. We can see small streams and great oceans within us in our blood circulation, our lymphatic system, our saliva, our tears etc. When our body “water” is out of balance we lose our fluidity on all levels, we dry out. 

Tip 2
Drink more water – but no more than 500 ml per hour so that you don’t stress the kidneys,and  avoid eating
excess refined carbohydrates or drinking alcohol or coffee

Water is associated with  the kidneys and the bladder in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Apart from physical symptoms indicating issues in these areas, on an emotional level an imbalance in the water element can translate into hypersensitivity, suspicious feelings or even fear (especially of change). 

Tip 3
Foods to help correct an imbalance are those that are naturally salty such as seaweed, millet, barley, miso – and/and bitter such as  rye, quinoa, local and seasonal vegetables

If you decide to do a longer “detox” to relieve your bloating, tiredness, nausea etc, please respect the way Nature supports you at this time. Eat simple cooked dishes from those suggested and make sure you take plenty of rest and quiet time during your detox. If you start to feel anxious or have other symptoms it could be that your body is detoxing more quickly than it is eliminating.

However you decide to “detox”, remember to observe moderation and calm.